The Second Annual Fast and Fentress October Fright Fest


It’s that spooky time of year again, and you know what that means – another round of scary movie reviews!  Though this time I won’t be holding myself to the hellish pace of one review per day, I will be getting as many in as I can.  And as before, the only criterion for inclusion is that I can’t have seen the movie.  Later today I’ll publish the first of these reviews, for the 2016 home invasion thriller Hush.  So keep your eyes peeled; these movies are TO DIE FOR.

The Fast and Fentress October Fright Fest


Starting later today, I’ll be reviewing one horror movie per day (none of which I’ve seen before) for the month of October.  Variety played an important role in the selection process; the films I chose span multiple sub-genres, decades, and countries of origin.  Later today I’ll be publishing the first of these capsule reviews, for the 1981 slasher The Burning.  Stay tuned; it’ll be a real SCREAM!