Blair Witch (2016) vs. The Blair Witch Project – a Comparison


My expectations weren’t high when I saw the new Blair Witch movie, so I wasn’t too disappointed.  It was entertaining enough, and had a few genuinely tense moments. But more than anything the sequel reminded me just how amazing the first one was, and it was easy to see why.  Blair Witch feels momentary; it’ll make you jump a few times in the theater, but it won’t keep you up at night.  The Blair Witch Project is quite the opposite: lacking in jump scares but filled with deeply psychological horror. When compared to one another, the two feel like how-to and how-not-to guides for making a horror movie.  I decided to analyze them based on how they each handled specific elements of their respective stories. Continue reading

Leo and the Cubs: America’s Greatest Losers

Maybe next year…

Another year, another disappointment for the ever-disappointed Cubs fans, a group of which I am a member by only the loosest standards.  The Cubs’ 107-year-long losing streak has become the stuff of baseball legend, and though some are optimistic, I don’t think it’s ending anytime soon.  But this perpetual failure is what makes them so endearing; everyone loves an underdog, and who can lay claim to that status more than the Chicago Cubs? Continue reading