Double Team (1997)

Bad as I Wanna Be

If nothing else, one can admire the fact that Double Team represents an era of film when studios weren’t afraid to take big risks.  Today, the idea of spending 30 million dollars on an R-rated movie starring a past-his-prime action star and a famous athlete would never get past the pitching stage, let alone greenlit.  And though Double Team’s gamble didn’t pay off, neither in quality nor box-office receipts; I, for one, am happy that this turkey exists.

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Leo and the Cubs: America’s Greatest Losers

Maybe next year…

Another year, another disappointment for the ever-disappointed Cubs fans, a group of which I am a member by only the loosest standards.  The Cubs’ 107-year-long losing streak has become the stuff of baseball legend, and though some are optimistic, I don’t think it’s ending anytime soon.  But this perpetual failure is what makes them so endearing; everyone loves an underdog, and who can lay claim to that status more than the Chicago Cubs? Continue reading