Fright Fest Review #7: My Little Eye (2002)

Still safer than The Crocodile Hunter!

Subgenre:  Found Footage

Summary:  Five strangers agree to live together in an isolated house for six months as part of a webcast reality series, where suspicious events start to take place.

Review:  My Little Eye in some ways feels very much of its time, when the millennial surge of MTV reality shows and their countless rip-offs was at its peak.  And yet, since the movie’s set-up (young and attractive strangers being forced to live together) is still present on television, it doesn’t feel too dated.

The movie opens with our main characters’ audition tapes for an unnamed web reality show, drawn in by the promise of a one million dollar reward if they all remain in a creepy, camera-filled house for the full six months.  They’re chosen according to how well they fill five familiar archetypes: the loser, the hunk, the loner, the good girl, and the slut.  Before it ventures into horror territory, My Little Eye really does feel like another Big Brother-esque reality show.

But as it must, the movie does venture into horror territory.  Strange packages begin to arrive with sinister hidden messages directed at specific contestants.  At first the guests believe this to be the work of the producers, but this seems less likely as the communications grow increasingly disturbing.

My Little Eye reveals all in its conclusion, with mixed results.  The climax is scary enough, but it deflates the built-up tension that precedes it.  The ending twists are clever, but I feel I would have been more scared had I known less.  But despite these flaws, the movie is entertaining throughout.

The Verdict:  My Little Eye is something a little different for those who’ve grown weary of the recent glut of found footage horror, even if it’s not the best the subgenre has to offer.  I give it seven voyeuristic viewers out of ten.

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