The First Annual Fast and Fentress Fright Fest Awards

Horror Awards

Good evening and welcome to the first-ever Fast and Fentress Fright Fest Awards!  Without further ado, let’s begin!

Best Realistic Movie

This category focuses on the few movies on the list that were (relatively) plausible.

The Nominees:

And the winner is….

I Saw the Devil!  Despite its tough competition, this one edged the others out thanks to Choi Min-sik’s terrifying performance as twisted serial killer Kyung-chul.

Best Slasher

As the best-represented subgenre on my list, there was some tough (one might even say killer) competition for the contenders in this category.

The Nominees:

And the winner is…

My Bloody Valentine!  With its gory kills and old-school style, this slasher is a cut above the rest.

Best Monster

They’re creepy, they’re crawly, they’re…the nominees?

And the winner is…

The Alligator from Alligator!  In his bloody treat of a movie, this roving reptile posed the greatest threat to Chicagoans since other Chicagoans.

Best Review

With so many worthy masterpieces of film criticism this year, it’s a shame that I could choose only one.

The Nominees:

And the winner is…

Session 9!  I enjoyed writing this review almost as much as I enjoyed the movie, and I think the quality of writing reflects that.  Plus, it was tweeted by one of the writers and actors, so it kind of wins by default.

Best Movie

Here it is – the big one.  These three movies were the highest rated of all my reviews, and now it’s time to choose my favorite.

The Nominees:

And the winner is…

Session 9, again!  This underrated gem scared me more than any other entry on the list, and for that alone I have to give it the number one spot.  Though this series of reviews could be exhausting at times, getting to watch movies like this made the whole thing worth it.

Well, that’s it for Fright Fest!  Thanks to all my readers, I hope you guys had fun.  I’ll keep updating the site with new content, and who knows, I just might do another review series come December…   

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